Workshop-Elderfield Motorcycles

Workshop-Elderfield Motorcycles


We offer a huge range of workshop services and repairs. Below is a guide on some of the services we offer.
  • Engine Rebuild 2T 75.00
  • Top end Rebuild 2T 60.00*
  • Engine Rebuild 4T 100.00
  • Top end Rebuild 4T 85.00*
  • Fork Rebuild 45.00
  • Shock Rebuild 45.00
  • Crank Rebuild 40.00
  • Wheel Rebuilds from 75.00
  • Tyre fitting from 6.00
  • Shim Check 45.00*
  • Rebores from 45.00
  • Valve guilde fitting from 25.00
  • Valve seats re cut from 10.00
  • Brake hub skimming from 35.00
  • Cylinder head facing from 40.00
  • Helicoils from 5.00

Bikes will be stored for 3 days after work is complete, if not collected within that time there will be a storage charge. 

All prices above are for items bought to us out of the bike, if you would like to bring a complete bike extra charges will apply. *Can be done in bike with no extra charge.

All prices are for labour only (no parts) excluding vat.