Red Rocket Parts-Elderfield Motorcycles

Red Rocket Parts-Elderfield Motorcycles

Engine Painting

(Engine painting available in original rocket satin red! Vapour engine in side and out then powder coat £150 . Engine Rebuilds available £80.00 plus parts. £230 gets engine strip and put to red and rebuild plus parts )

GBP 0.01
Bike rebuild

(Strip bike, rebuild engine ,wheels,forks,re assemble bike )

GBP 1000.00
R. Brake Spring

(Rear Brake Pedal Spring)

GBP 9.00
Clutch Tab Washer

(Clutch Tab Washer)

GBP 5.00
Rear Wheel Nut - CASTLE NUT

(Honda CR 250 1978, 1979, 1980 Rear Wheel Nut)

GBP 12.00
Rear Wheel Nut - FLANGE NUT

(Rear wheel nut CR 250 78-80)

GBP 12.00
Engine Breather

(Billet engine breather)

GBP 8.00
F. Engine Brackets - ALLY

(Pair of ally front engine brackets)

GBP 15.00
F. Engine Brackets - STEEL

(Pair of steel front engine brackets )

GBP 15.00
Gear Lever

(Honda CR 250 1978, 1979, 1980 Gear Lever longer than std alloy one )

GBP 29.00
Billet Gear Lever


GBP 74.99
Standard Fuel Tank Mount

(Fuel tank mount kit x2 standard top hats x2 bushes. Available for 1978/79 or 1980. Individually - Standard top hats £6.00 each Grommet £2.50 each)

GBP 16.00
Factory Fuel Tank Mount

(Fuel tank mount kit x2 factory top hats x2 bushes. Available for 1978/79 or 1980. Individually - Factory top hats £8.00 each Nylon bush £2.50 each)

GBP 20.00
Rear Fender / Side Panel Mounts

(Rear fender / side panel x1 mount rubber and x1 top hat. Individually - Top hat £4.99 Rubber £3.00)

GBP 8.00
Exhaust Bracket

(x1 (single) bracket)

GBP 32.00
Wheel Bearings

(Wheel bearing and seal sets. Front £9.00 10011a) Rear £13.00 )

GBP 9.00
Fork Seals

(Fork seals (standard size) x4 you get four to fit 2 each side they seal better)

GBP 16.00
Airbox/Side Panel Strap

(Rubber strap for airbox and side panels. sold individually )

GBP 5.00
Lower Steering Nut

(Lower steering head nut)

GBP 8.00
Top Steering Nut

(Top steering head nut. Available in Red, Gold, Black or Silver. **Please state when ordering otherwise you will be sent a colour at random**)

GBP 8.50
Fuel Tap

(Fuel Tap)

GBP 22.00
Chain Slider Inserts.

(Chain Slider Inserts. Set of 4 £14.00 or £3.99 each)

GBP 14.00
R. Brake Rod Pin

(Rear Brake Rod Pin.)

GBP 3.50
Rear Tie Rod Repair Kit

(Rear repair kit for L3002 / L3003)

GBP 20.00
Front Tie Rod Repair Kit

(Front repair kit for L3002 / L3003)

GBP 20.00
Clutch Cable Holder

(Clutch cable holder)

GBP 20.00
Clutch Cable Guide

(Clutch cable guide)

GBP 29.99
Tank Stickers

(Pair of Honda wing logos. Heavy Duty )

GBP 11.00
Mugen Tank Stickers

(Pair of Mugen Honda wing logos. Heavy Duty)

GBP 11.00
Cylinder Studs

(Cylinder Head Studs. Set of 6 OR £7 each 90032-430-000 )

GBP 39.99
Flywheel Nut

(Flywheel nut)

GBP 3.99
Oil Filler Bung

(x1 bung)

GBP 9.99
Sump Bolt and Washer

(Sump bolt and washer)

GBP 3.99
Rear Brake Rod Barrell

(Replacement part for 43455-430-000 Just like original. )

GBP 8.00

(CR Coil)

GBP 35.00
Inlet Manifold

(CR 250 1978-1980)

GBP 82.00
Inlet Manifold Clamp

(Sold Individually)

GBP 4.00
Airbox Bracket

(Airbox Bracket)

GBP 15.00
Billet Brake Pedal

(Billet rear brake pedal for 1978/79/80)

GBP 85.00
Rear Wheel Spacers

(Pair of rear wheel spacers for CR 250 1978-1980)

GBP 20.00
HD Clutch Springs

(Heavy duty Clutch springs. BOLTS & WASHERS NOT INCLUDED.)

GBP 15.00
Front Brake Adapter

(Front Brake Adaptor)

GBP 55.00
R. Brake Cam

(Rear brake plate cam)

GBP 25.00
F. Brake Cam

(Front brake cam)

GBP 25.00
R. Brake Pedal Bushes

(Brake pedal bushes, sold in pairs)

GBP 7.00
Rear Brake Arm

(CR 250 1978-1980 43410-430-000)

GBP 65.00
Brake Plate Bolt

( Rear brake plate torque arm bolt)

GBP 20.00
Seat Brackets

(Sold in pairs.)

GBP 15.00
Frame Painting

(Frame Paining in original red rocket red! £195)

GBP 1.00
R. Brake Plate Bush

(Oversized bush - Your brake plate will need to be machined to fit the new bush. Bush only £15.00 (plus machine work) For very worn brake plates)

GBP 18.00
Standard Brake Plate Bush

(Rear brake plate bush standard size.)

GBP 18.00
Fuel Cap

(Black = Plastic / Silver = Alloy)

GBP 25.00
Footpegs Steel

(Steel moose pegs From usa not cheaply )

GBP 99.00

(No stock )

GBP 45.00
Footpeg Pins

(Sold in pairs)

GBP 12.00
Footpeg Springs

(Sold in pairs)

GBP 14.99
Chain Adjuster

(Pair of rear chain adjusters for CR 250 1978-1980)

GBP 40.00
Ally Airbox Cover

(Suits standard and ally air box for CR 250 1978-1980)

GBP 20.00
Plastic Air Box Lid

(Plastic air box lid)

GBP 28.00
F. Sprocket Guard Fitting Kit

(Front sprocket guard fitting kit for 1978)

GBP 9.99
Front Sprocket Cover

(Red front sprocket cover. Fits CR 250 1978-1980. )

GBP 29.00
Front Sprocket Cover

(Silver front sprocket cover if out off stock you will receive a red one )

GBP 29.00
F. Wheel Spindle

(Front wheel spindle. Nut is NOT included)

GBP 38.00
Front Wheel Spindle

(Front wheel spindle for later forks)

GBP 38.00
Swingarm Spindle

(Swingarm Spindle)

GBP 38.00
R. Wheel Spindle

(Please note nut is NOT included)

GBP 38.00

(Complete kickstart.we do not warranty our kickstarts reason why due to worn out electrics or timing incorrect makes engine kick back snap main kickstart shaft or kickstart or your ankle )

GBP 265.00
Kickstart Knuckle

(Kickstart knuckle kit.)

GBP 75.00
Kickstart Top Hat and Spring

(Top hat & spring)

GBP 15.00
R Wheel Retainer

(Rear wheel retainer )

GBP 27.00
Rear Brake Rod Adjuster

(Adjuster Nut, Spring and Barrel)

GBP 12.00
Chain Roller Bolt

(CR 250 1978-1980)

GBP 14.00
Engine Steadys - Steel

(Pair of steel engine steadys painted red.)

GBP 39.99
Engine Steadys - Ally

(Silver Ally engine steadys)

GBP 32.00
Side Panel Brackets

(Pair of 1980 side panel brackets)

GBP 25.00
Clutch Plates

(Complete set of Clutch Plates for CR 250 1978-1980. Frictions £35.00 Steels £30.00 22201-430-000. 23311-200-000)

GBP 65.00

(Set of engine seals with OEM GENUINE left hand double lip crank seal. Can also supply without the OEM seal £24.00)

GBP 29.99
Engine Bearings

(Engine bearing set x7 bearings 91001-383-003. 95120-62050-10 91020-430-004/8 91004-357-010 91003-358-004-91031-329-000 )

GBP 95.00

(Complete throttle unit. Domino)

GBP 59.50

(Throttle cable, compatible with 10064)

GBP 17.00

(Light clutch cable.)

GBP 18.00
F.B Cable

(Front brake cable)

GBP 24.99

(High quality plastic and metal paint Honda Red. **PLEASE NOTE - SOLD WITHIN THE UK ONLY (CANNOT BE SHIPPED OVER SEAS)**)

GBP 10.00
F.Chain roller

(Front chain roller)

GBP 10.00
R.Chain Roller

(Rear chain roller)

GBP 10.00
Steering Bearings

(Steering bearing kit)

GBP 34.00
Swingarm Bearings

(Swingarm bearing kit)

GBP 37.00
Piston Kit

(Complete piston kit for CR 250 1978-1980 Available in standard and over size (70-72mm))

GBP 125.00
Small End Bearing

(Small end bearing)

GBP 8.99
Con Rod Kit

(Connecting rod kit)

GBP 66.95
Fork Gaitors

(Pair of black fork gaitors)

GBP 18.99
Pro-Grip Fork Gaitors

(Pro-Grip fork gaitors. Available in Black or Red. **Please state which colour you would like when ordering, otherwise you will be sent a colour at random**)

GBP 22.00
F.Brake Shoes

(Pair of front brake shoes)

GBP 24.00
R.Brake Shoes

(Pair of rear brake shoes)

GBP 24.00
Gear selector shaft

(24610 467 000. 24610 430 000)

GBP 125.00
F.Spoke set

(21'' Front wheel spoke set)

GBP 94.99
R.Spoke Set 18”

(Rear wheel spoke set 18'' )

GBP 95.00
R.Spoke Set 19”

(Rear spoke set for 19inch wheel)

GBP 95.00
Gasket Set

(Complete gasket set )

GBP 35.00
Top Gasket Set

(Top End gasket set includes head gasket)

GBP 19.99

(Standard front sprocket)

GBP 14.00

(Standard Rear Sprocket)

GBP 35.00
Chain Slider

(Rubber chain slider.)

GBP 18.00
Air Filter

(Twinair air filter )

GBP 27.00
Reikon Lever billit

(Reikon lever assembly. Best lever you can get for your money hand made in Italy )

GBP 65.00
R Chain Guide

(Rear chain guide for 1978/79/80)

GBP 49.99
Std Air Fork Caps

(Air fork caps to fit standard forks with bleeder screw.)

GBP 55.00
Std Air Fork Caps

(Air fork caps for standard forks with modern bleed screw.)

GBP 69.00
Exhaust Bracket

(x1 (double) bracket)

GBP 32.00
Engine bolt kit

(Engine bolt kit. Available in 8mm head or Allen key head. Please state when ordering)

GBP 20.00
Tank Brackets

(1980 Tank Brackets. Sold in pairs.)

GBP 35.00
Clutch Cover

(Factory cast clutch cover)

GBP 245.00
Rear Chain Guide

(Rear chain guide with block)

GBP 69.99
Front Brake lower Lever

(Billet front brake lever 45410-430-000)

GBP 69.99
Airbox Strengthener - CONVERSION

(Airbox strengthener plate for twin air filter conversion set up)

GBP 18.00
Airbox Strengthener - STANDARD

(Airbox strengthener for standard air filter set up.)

GBP 18.00
Lower engine bolt ti

(1978 1979 lower Factory titanium bolt )

GBP 18.00
Lower engine bolt

(1980 lower engine bolt 10x220 factory titanium )

GBP 20.00
Front engine bolt kit titanium

(1978 1979 Factory titanium front engine bolt kit x3 90108-430-000x1 90103-430-000x2)

GBP 22.00
Rear engine mount titanium bolts

(2x rear h bracket Factory titanium bolts 90102-430-000)

GBP 16.00
1980 front titanium engine bolt kit

(Factory titanium 1980 front engine bolt kit x5 )

GBP 25.00
Engine steady titanium bolt

(1978 1979 engine steady bolt 957-10050-08 factory titanium )

GBP 5.50
Titanium seat bolts

(2x factory titanium seat bolts 1978,9,80 )

GBP 11.00
Titanium factory tank bolts

(2x factory titanium 1978,9 tank bolts )

GBP 10.00
Titanium Footrest Bolt Kit

(X4 bolts)

GBP 25.00
Factory Titanium engine bolt kit

(Titianium engine bolt kit only no nuts 6x70 x6 6x80 x1 6x50 x5 6x35 x2 6x30 x7 6x20 x 12 )

GBP 145.00
Factory titanium cyl head nutd

(6x titanium factory head nuts )

GBP 25.00
Factory titanium base nuts

(4x factory titanium cyl base nuts )

GBP 20.00
Factory titanium yoke triple clamp bolts

(8x titanium yoke / triple clamp bolts 95700-08040-08. 95700-08065-08)

GBP 55.00
Factory titanium handlebar bolt kit

(4x titanium handle bar bolts 90111-362-000)

GBP 20.00
Factory titanium front fender bolts

(4x factory front mudguard bolts 95700-06020-08)

GBP 14.00
Factory titanium side panel bolts

(2x factory titanium bolts 95700-06020-00)

GBP 7.00
Factory titanium rear Shock bolts

(4x rear shock bolts 3x95800-10035-08 1x 9580010050-08 )

GBP 24.00
Factory titanium rear fender fitting kit

(2x factory top hats pre made with 6mm fitting no nuts needed and 2x titanium bolts 2x rubbers )

GBP 28.00
6mm titanium nut

(6mm titanium nut)

GBP 3.00
8mm titanium nut

(8mm titanium nut)

GBP 4.00
10mm titanium nut

(10mm titanium nut )

GBP 5.00
Factory titanium rear chain guide bolts

(2x rear chain guide titanium bolts 958000-08040-08)

GBP 10.00
Full bolt engine fitting kit 1978/79

(Complete bolt kit to fit engine into frame. Fits 1978-79)

GBP 69.00
Full bolt engine fitting kit 1980

(Full bolt kit to fit engine into frame. Fits 1980)

GBP 69.00
Fox Bush

(Replacement bush for Fox shocks. Sold individually)

F Brake Repair

(Front brake plate cable repair)

GBP 20.00
Pin Return Spring

(Replacement part. Pin return spring - OEM part number 24615 430 000 )

GBP 25.00
Base / Centre Dowels

(Base or Centre case dowels. Sold individually)

GBP 3.00
Head dowels

(Head dowels. Sold individually 94301-08140)

GBP 3.00
Clutch Case Dowels

(Clutch Case Dowels Sold Individually)

GBP 3.00
F Engine Mounts

(1980 Front engine mounts. Sold in pairs)

GBP 15.00
Lower Engine Spacers

(1980 Lower engine spacers. Sold in pairs)

GBP 15.00
Brake Pedal Bolt

(Rear brake pedal bolt just like orignal 46513-430-000)

GBP 15.00
Head Nuts

(Head Nuts set of 6)

GBP 4.00
Base Nuts

(Base Nuts set of 4)

GBP 3.00
Ally Rear Brake Rod Barrel

(Ally rear brake rod barrel replacement part like original. )

GBP 8.00
Clutch Arm Bolt

(Clutch Arm Bolt 8mm head )

GBP 2.00
Exhaust Springs

(Pair of exhaust springs)

GBP 4.00
Front Sprocket Collar

(Front sprocket collar)

GBP 15.0
Front Sprocket Washer

(Front sprocket tab washer)

GBP 3.99
Front Sprocket ORing

(Rubber o ring for front sprocket collar)

GBP 4.99
Kickstart Stop Bolt

(Kickstart Stop Bolt )

GBP 15.00
Ignition Cover Bungs

(Bungs for ignition cover - sold in pairs.)

GBP 20.00
Kickstart Washers

(Kickstart washers sold in pairs)

GBP 5.00
Clutch Bearing Kit

(Clutch bearings including washer (OEM Reference 91021-430-004) )

GBP 14.99
Top Cable Guide

(Front brake cable guide - top)

GBP 10.00
Bottom Cable Guide

(Front brake cable guide - bottom)

GBP 10.00
Swingarm Nut

(Swingarm nut)

GBP 5.00
Swingarm Chain Lowering Link

(Swingarm chain lowering link for longer or bendy swingarms.)

GBP 59.99
Front Chain Slider

(Front chain slider)

GBP 17.00
Front Seat Bracket

(Front Seat Bracket)

GBP 12.00
Airbox Strap Holders

(Airbox Strap Holders)

GBP 20.00
Seat Bracket Plates

(Fixes to seat to hold rear seat brackets. )

GBP 15.00
Push rod top hat

(Hardened top hat for clutch push rod)

GBP 25.00
Clutch washer

(Replaces 90450-430-000 22mm thrust washer)

GBP 10.00
Clutch Centre Nut

(Replacement part for 90235-430-000 )

GBP 8.00
Cylinder Base Stud

(Cylinder base stud. Sold individually. )

GBP 9.00
Alloy 6mm top hat

(Easy way fit top hat No 6mm nut needed )

GBP 6.50
Side Panel / Air Box O-ring

(Side panels and air box cover o-ring )

GBP 1.50
Kickstart pin and clip

(Kickstart pin and clip )

GBP 6.00
Gear lever shaft washer


GBP 1.00
Clutch Arm Seal

(Clutch arm seal. 91206-329-000)

GBP 4.00
OEM Left Hand crank seal

(Genuine left hand double lip crank seal 91202-430-003)

GBP 15.00
Right Hand Crank Seal

(Right hand crank seal 91202-430-003/5 )

GBP 5.00
Gear Lever Seal

(Gear lever seal 91206-286-013)

GBP 3.50
Kickstart Seal

(Kickstart seal 91204-286-003)

GBP 3.50
Front Sprocket Seal

(Front sprocket seal 91207-430-005)

GBP 3.50
Flywheel Puller

(Flywheel puller for CR250 78-80)

GBP 16.00
Right Hand Crankshaft O-ring

(Replacement part for 91301-250-000)

GBP 1.00
Kickstart Idle Gear Circlip

(Replacement part for 94510-17000)

GBP 1.00
Crankshaft Key

(Replacement part for 13331-357-000)

GBP 3.00
Front Wheel Bearing Seal

(Replacement part for 91254-430-003/5 )

GBP 3.50
Rear Wheel Bearing Seal

(Replacement part for 91257-230-005)

GBP 3.50
Exhaust rubber

(Silencer exhaust seal rubber)

GBP 10.00
Kickstart return spring

(Main kickstart return spring )

GBP 10.00
Engine Main Bearing

(1x engine main bearing. Replacement part for 91001-383-003)

GBP 16.00
Right Hand Main Shaft Bearing

(Replacement part for 91020-430-004 / 008)

GBP 20.00
Right Hand Gear Box Bearing

(Countershaft replacement bearing 91003-358-004)

GBP 10.00
L/h main shaft gearbox bearing


GBP 8.00
Counter shaft l/h gearbox bearing


GBP 12.00
Clutch Arm Bearing

(Replacement part for 91031-329-000)

GBP 8.00
Crankshaft collar kit

(Complete new collar and o,ring and genuine main seal, 13617-430-000. 91301-250-000 91203-430-003 /5 )

GBP 24.00
Clutch Gasket

(Left hand side case - clutch gasket )

GBP 10.00
Base Gasket

(Standard base gasket. Thicker base gaskets also available.)

GBP 7.50
Exhaust Gasket

(Exhaust gasket)

GBP 4.00
Head Gasket

(Standard head gasket. Different thicknesses available. We also do a head gasket for an oversized bore.)

GBP 12.00
Reed Block Gaskets

(Pair of gaskets for reed block.)

GBP 5.00
MUGEN 360 Top End Gaskets

(Head and Base gasket for MUGEN 360.)

GBP 20.00
Bolt drum stop


GBP 20.00
Exhaust Manifold

(Made to fit standard pipe. Will be a tight fit or can be machined down.)

GBP 20.00
75mm piston kit

(Works out 290 cc pistion kit we can do work nickle seal your cyclinder)

GBP 200.00
Clutch Basket - Hardened

(Clutch basket complete with modern friction plates.)

GBP 155.00
Clutch Plates (For Hardened Basket)

(Clutch plates to suit our hardened basket 30070.)

GBP 35.00
H.p.I electrics

(Complete replacement ignition kit - inc flywheel, stator, coil and cdi. Just needs timing up once fitted.these are made for us only,we don’t warranty them in usa you can send them direct back to h.p.i same in Europe due to post prices )

GBP 250.00

(Complete new crankshaft 13000-430-000)

GBP 400.00
Pro Grip Black Grips

(Old school, modern finish grips race ready)

GBP 12.00
Footrest Brackets

(Sold in pairs)

GBP 120.00
Footrest Assy

(Complete footrest assemble inc brackets, footrests, pins and springs)

GBP 185.00
Rear Engine Bracket

(H Bracket)

GBP 45.00
H/D Steering Stem

(Heavy duty Steering Stem)

GBP 39.99
Front Wheel Bearing Spacer

(Spacer for wheel bearings in centre of hub)

GBP 9.99
Rear Wheel Bearing Spacer

(Spacer for wheel bearings in centre of hub)

GBP 9.99

(36MM Mikuni Carb)

GBP 195.00
Front Cable Guide

(Front cable guide holder)

GBP 59.99
Push Rod

(Available in standard length or 2mm longer. Please state when ordering.)

GBP 15.00
Reed Petals

(Power reeds)

GBP 39.99
Brake Cable Clamp

(Front brake cable clamp)

GBP 29.99
Fork Cap Rubbers

(Standard 37mm fork cap rubbers)

GBP 20.00
Head Steady

(Rep off fox head steady alloy)

GBP 49.00
R.Brake Rod

(A genuine honda oem rear brake rod)

GBP 18.00
V.m.x plastic kit

(Full v.m.x plastic kit 1978,9)

GBP 315.00
R.Torque Arm Steel

(Complete rear torque arm in steel. )

GBP 75.00
R.Torque Arm Ally

(Complete ally rear torque arm)

GBP 99.99
Fresco exhaust Front Pipe

(Fresco front pipe available for the 1978-1979 and 1980)

GBP 295.00
Fresco Silencer

(Fresco silencer fits 1978-1980)

GBP 99.00

(x3 Oval backgrounds available in yellow or green)

GBP 25.00

(Full panel background stickers, and one oval front plate sticker.)

GBP 35.00
Honda Tank Stickers

(Vented tank stickers)

GBP 40.00
Honda Accessory Kit

(Honda winged accessory kit. Fenders, swingarm and fork stickers.)

GBP 30.00
Fox Tank Stickers

(Vented moto fox tank stickers)

GBP 40.00
Fox Accessory Kit

(Moto fox accessory kit. Fenders, swingarm and fork stickers.)

GBP 30.00
Woody Woodpecker Tank Stickers

(Vented woody the woodpecker tank stickers)

GBP 40.00
Woody Woodpecker Accessory kit

(Woody the Woodpecker accessory kit. Fenders, swingarm and fork stickers)

GBP 30.00
Fox Graphic Kit

(Full moto fox graphic kit)

GBP 99.99
Elderfield Seat Cover

(Elderfield Motorcycles Honda seat cover.)

GBP 35.00
Std Seat Cover

(Standard replacement seat cover in black)

GBP 49.00
Fox Seat Cover

(Moto fox seat cover)

GBP 49.00
Woody Woodpecker Seat Cover

(Woody the Woodpecker seat cover)

GBP 49.00
Ally Airbox

(Ally Airbox)

GBP 265.00
R.Brake Plate

(Rear brake plate)

GBP 235.00
F Brake Plate

(Front brake plate)

GBP 235.00
Seat Base

(Plastic seat base proper un breakable white plastic)

GBP 85.00
Seat Foam

(Moulded seat foam)

GBP 85.00
Honda Complete Seat

(Complete seat - Includes Seat base, foam, cover, rear brackets, front bracket and fitting charge)

GBP 265.00
Fox Complete Seat

(Complete seat includes - Seat base, foam, cover, rear brackets, front bracket and fitting charge)

GBP 265.00

(Pair of YSS shocks)

GBP 499.99
Reikon Handlebar

(Reikon handlebar including pad made for cr250 78,9,80 correct height not like modern bars )

GBP 55.00
V.m.x plastic kit 1980

(250 1980 v.m.x plastic kit )

GBP 330.00


GBP 0.01
1980 side panel sticker

(1980 side panel sticker tecnosel made pr )

GBP 15.00
Complete air box

(This is a complete with all brackets ,rubbers ,front inlet rubber ,air filter ,Ready to fit )

GBP 495.00
Air Filter Mod Kit trick

(Fits to your standard air box to run a new modern filter.)

GBP 95.00
Rear Inlet Rubber and Plate

(Rear inlet rubber and plate)

GBP 75.00
Rear carb air box rubber

(Exact copy off std rubber )

GBP 50.00
Fox rep swingarm

(Rep fox arm just like orignal comes with wheel adjusters .wheel.spacers. Swinging arm bearings fitted and pins and caps .all you need is a drop link which we sell )

GBP 950.00
V Force

(V force 1978-80)

GBP 100.00
Triple Clamps Yokes 43mm

(Billet triple clamps 43mm takes standard stem and bearings. Keeps handlebars in correct position. Will need handle bar fitting kit L3035 and 8x bolts for clamps. )

GBP 525.00
Handle Bar Mounts

(Handle bar mounts for our triple clamps. **Please state when ordering if fitment is for oversize (fat bar) or standard bars**)

GBP 45.00
Clutch Friction Set EBC

(Full set of EBC clutch frictions )

GBP 46.00
Clutch Kit (Heavy Duty)

(Full heavy duty clutch kit inc springs and steels)

GBP 75.00
Manual 1978-79

(Replica off cr250 78/79 manual )

GBP 30.00
Manual 1980

(Replica off 1980 CR250 manual)

GBP 30.00
Mugen Gearbox

(Replica off genuine Mugen gears x4 )

GBP 575.00
Fork Springs (up rated)

(Progressive 37mm fork springs)

GBP 80.00
Fuel tank cr250 1978 1979

(Rep off 1978 1979 fuel tank a wonder off art off the genuine fuel tank un painted can be painted at extra cost )

GBP 695.00
1980 Fuel Tank

(Factory one off smaller alloy tank 1980 cr250)

GBP 695.00
Fuel Tank (125 to fit 250)

(Cr 125 alloy tank made to fit the cr250 1978/79 )

GBP 695.00
Alloy Swingarm

(Replica Mugen arm - straight bend)

GBP 695.00
No stock

(No stock )

GBP 1.00
Kickstart shaft

(Solid shaft not hollow complete kickstart shaft less gear )

GBP 210.00
Kickstart gear

(Solid gear no holes for kickstart shaft )

GBP 190.00
Std material Honda wings

(Std material honda tank wings )

GBP 8.00

(Please email us with the items you would like to order, we will get back to you with a shipping quote and payment details. ELDERFIELDMOTORCYCLES@OUTLOOK.COM or INFO@ELDERFIELDS.CO.UK or if you prefer to call us +44 01252 728270 or face book Chris elderfield with your list )

GBP 0.01
No Record(s) Available